About Rayeen Rishtey !

Rayeen Matrimonial, the India's most trusted and most successful Rayeen Samaj matrimonial service, All over the india to help them find their soulmates. Rayeen Matrimonial.com was founded on the dated 27/October/2013 by Haji Mohammed Umer & Mr.Liyakat Ali Rayeen a reknowned personality in Rayeen ,Kota and he is working in matrimonial of Rayeen is a good matrimonial site to solemnize Rayeen Samaj Marriage.Rayeen Rishtey Matrimonial is India's premier and most comprehensive matrimonial portal with a touch of tradition and feel of technology. This matrimonial site is ideally meant for those who are serious about marriage and are searching for their life partner. his benchmark marriage portal for privileged Rayeen singles, with its user-friendly nature enables you to explore, choose and unite with your soul mate in just few easy clicks.

Rayeen Rishtey was created because Indians are tired of expensive Rayeen matrimonial sites and online marriage portals. With no high quality FREE alternative to the paid Rayeen matrimony sites there was no choice but to pay expensive subscription fees. Rayeen Samaj changed all that! We're committed to providing superior Rayeen Rishtey matrimonial services and the best possible experience for all users -- at no cost. Innovation is the key to providing exceptional service so Rayeen Samaj will continue to innovate, giving you the best chance to meet your Rayeen matrimonial partner.

Finding the perfect life partner is a dream come true. If you are a parent, finding the right life partner for your child is a critical responsibility. But, the search can sometimes get tedious and a challenging task without the right approach and guidance. We, at Rayeen Rishtey Matrimonial understand these challenges and provide you personalized assistance for a hassle-free and comfortable experience in finding the one you are looking for amongst thousands of genuine, verified profiles of your community.

How we are different then other matrimonial services available.

  • We are 100% FREE
  • We provide simplest user interface
  • We do NOT sell any of your information
  • We do NOT send any promotional email
  • We ONLY allows profile with email verified to avoid abuse
  • We manually moderate and approves each and every profile to avoid abuse
  • We do not bombard you with emails
  • We take your privacy seriously and you will have full control of your personal information and photo. You will be the decision maker about whom you want to display your personal information and whom not to.

What inspires us to start Rayeen Rishtey Matrimonial Site?

  • Reason 1: Finding life partner is a long process and matrimonial site is one way by which interested members can contact each other to match their interest and communicate further. Paying high fees for contacting interested members is not affordable to everyone. Hence it’s important to have free service by which interested members can contact each other.
  • Reason 2: Free doesn't mean bad service. Well we are not the first to provide free matrimonial service, but one thing which outstand us from other is to provide simple and trusted service. We take user's privacy seriously.
  • Reason 3: We do NOT send any promotional emails or sell any of the information we collect on this site. We truly wants to help our community by this small effort.
  • Reason 4: This site is NOT business for us, so we do not have to create fake profile with gook looking photo or involved in fake expression of interest. We do not have any membership plan to offer, so feel free to stay out of all this gimmicks.
  • Reason 5: We do allow users to share their social networking profile url's, so that member can contact each other directly on other social networking sites.