Our Social Services !

First Reason of Building this website and this community both online and offline is to joint all the breaks which we have builded in our selves. "Mai Falana - Mai Dhimka mai jahan ka hun wahi donation dunga ya wahi development karaunga". This will not work our and never work in future also. So we have taken a step to joint all on RAYEEN COMMUNITY. This is a community website built for Rayeen's development in all the sense. We have a thought behind it that we will build a very strong community which will help the people who are suffering with any reason.We will take a step to solve there problem to the extent. But for doing all this I need all of your help (support), then only we can be a developed community.And I assure you will get all the records of what we are doing financially and socially.Like if you are donating some amount and we are helping people with that. Every one who has donated the money will get an online report that where and how much we have expended.With this you will have a trust that we are not cheating and you will help people with interest.
The reason of building this site is straight forward. Today we donate money to Gowshalas, Temples and many social places but the donator doesn’t have any record. This is a social work yes. But using that money for a good cause is main thing. People who are donating do they know what is done with there money? Hopefully the answer will be NO.But here we are assuring you with the monthly reports. So that you all will know that your money donated is not wasted or not eaten by the meddlers.

Features Services for Rayeens !

  • Frequent organization of Medical Health care camps.

  • Free Rayeen Matrimonial Registration.

  • Frequent Ijjtemahi Nikah Sammelan.

  • Rewards and appreciations for meritorious students.

  • Rayeen Sahayata Funds to support needy persons.

  • Other social beneficial activity.

  • The society organizes monthly classes for rtaining to women's in the field of cooking, microwave, beauty, personal grooming, dancing, tailoring and various activities helpful for development for women's.

  • The society elects it's office bearer every two year by the direct election procedure.

  • The society organizes language profiency in Urdu for all the Rayeen Samaj.

  • The Rayeen Samaj does also provice education facilty for those peoples who are not educated and they wants to learn and study.

  • The Rayeen Society does also work for the Womens's welfare and other kinds of activities for them.