Our Vision !

Rayeen Rishtey Matrimonial is an idea to bring together million single hearts on one platform to find their desired partner for lifetime. It is solely passion that drives the team of Rayeen Rishtey to work for the only metro-monial portal in the country. It is also very simple to go through the procedure of finding your life partner with Rayeen Rishtey, you just have to give us your profile and simply describe your desired partner profile. And you rest in peace because rest all is our job. A promise is like a cloud and its fulfilment is like rain. Every human heart is voracious of promise for the love and strength it brings along. Different religions have different attitudes towards the gesture of Promise. But every religion and every language values a Promise. We promise to find your perfect match across all religions and castes, cities and languages. We promise to simplify your search because we are named Rayeen Rishtey Matrimonial, we promise to bring you the right matches and help you connect.
Keeping it simple like gentlemen's word, "Never make promises you can not keep", always live the promises you make. And promise should be assurance; not endurance.
This matrimonials site has been built with very simple objectives - "Search for the life partner should not come with a price tag" and To "not charge for anything at any stage" during entire matrimonial process on this web site.
The support of all who agree with our philosophy and register on our site is very appreciated. With every profile this matrimonial site gets, it gets closer to achieving its objective.

Our Mission !

We take this opportunity in extending you a hearty invitation to utilize the services of our matrimonial bureau, a unique one leading to the pathway to find a perfect life partner. The selection stage before the marriage is very important. Just a small mistake at the time of selection spoils the future of married life. Elimination of the complications of the choice leads to a firm foundation of married life. At this stage our matrimonial site Rayeen Rishtey plays a very important role. Rayeen Rishtety Matrimonial provide offers with a superior matchmaking experience by expanding the opportunities available to meet potential life partners and build fulfilling relationships. At Rayeen Rishtey Matrimonial we recognize one of the key components of an effective match making solution is the number of members of the service. Since the number of members is directly proportionate to your chances of finding the person you are seeking.

On Rayeen Rishtey eligible brides and grooms seeking matrimony/ marriage can contact and meet other like minded individuals seeking the same.This web portal offers a ever growing database of profiles from various religions, countries, communities, castes and more. You can join, search database as per your requirements, express interest, send and receive messages and display your contact as per your privacy settings along with many other features.